play TF2 6on6 Community Cup #1 Europe

Last change: 02.02.2019 08:37

These are the rules for the TF2 6on6 Community Cup #1 Europe. We make every effort to ensure the rules are complete and up to date but this may not always be the case. You should also check the Info Page and News for additions, exceptions and modifications that may apply. The rules are a guideline and the decisions by admins may differ from them depending on the circumstances. If you have any questions about the rules, please write a support ticket.

1. General

1.1. Agreements

Certain agreements between participants are allowed to slightly differ from the ESL rules. Agreements that differ greatly from ESL rules are however not allowed. Please note that the ESL rules were made to ensure a fair match for all participants. You are not allowed to file a protest after the match if you think that the agreements made before the match in the end resulted in a disadvantage for your team. Rules that can be changed with agreements are explicitly stated. Rules that do not explicitly state they can be changed by agreement, cannot have agreements made. All arrangements between participants made in addition to the ESL rules have to be written down in the match comments. The other participant has to confirm the arrangements also in the comments. To avoid abuse of the edit function, a third comment must be written. Please also keep screenshots and/or log files of your arrangements. If you do not fulfil these requirements, any protests or supports concerning arrangements will be rejected. The following rules may never be changed by arrangement:

  • Entering results for matches that have not been played
  • Allowing players to play that are barred because of penalty points, or are barred in the league due to a ban

1.2. Cheating

Players caught cheating will be penalized with 12 penalty points and a 2 year barrage (plus, if necessary, 6 additional penalty points for the team account). Matches, where the player participated, will be deleted, if they are not older than 28 days. Please open a support ticket for this request. Cheating in Team Fortress 2 includes, but is not limited to, all kinds of aimbots, wallhacks, sound hacks, no recoil, no smoke, no flash, colored models, ambient occlusion, etc.

1.2.1. Rehabilitation

Nevertheless first offenders willing to intensively deal with their situation can get a second chance. More information about the cheater rehabilitation can be found here.

2. Match Media

2.1. Logs.TF

A link to the page must be uploaded to the match page within 24 hours of the match ending. If for some reason the page couldn’t be uploaded/found, a screenshot of the scoreboard must be uploaded to match media.

2.2. Demos

It is mandatory for all players to record one point-of-view (POV) demo per map for the full duration of all matches without exceptions. In general not working demos will be treated as missing demos, although the final decision is up to the admin. If the demo is incomplete, the admin will decide whether or not it will be treated as a missing demo. If a protest has been opened for a match, all match media must be kept for at least 14 days until after the protest is closed. In case of a match abort the aborting team loses any right for a demo. If the server crashes no automatic replay will be available. In this case players have to upload demos on admin request.

2.2.1. Requesting demos

It's not possible to request player ineye demos. Only the Anti Cheat team is allowed to request the ineye demo of an accused player if they deem it's required. Failure to provide the demo will be punished with 6 pps (missing demo with cheat suspicion). The Anti Cheat team will nevertheless perform the analysis based on the STV demo.

2.2.2. Uploading demos

Demos have to be compressed into an archive (.zip, .rar, .7z). Apart from that all match media has to be uploaded to the ESL website (the match page). You are not allowed to upload your match media to your personal web space or any other kind of external hoster.

2.2.3. Editing demos

It is strictly forbidden to edit demos. If a replay has been manipulated, the admin team will decide what penalty is appropriate.

2.2.4. Accusation of cheating by timetable

If you want to accuse your opponent(s) of cheating, you need to hand in a timetable within 72 hours after the match has been finished. Timetables must be prepared based on the STV demo that is automatically uploaded to the match page. Instructions on how to do this can be found on this page. A timetable should be handed in along with the opening of the protest, so please make sure you have your timetable(s) ready when you open the protest. Nevertheless the timetable can still be handed in later (as long as it is within the 72h deadline) in case you did not do that along with the opening of the protest.

3. Settings

3.1. Player settings

3.1.1. Illegal scripts

In general, all scripts are illegal except for buy, toggle and demo scripts. Here are some examples for illegal scripts:

  • Stop shoot scripts
  • Center view scripts
  • Turn scripts (180° or similar)
  • No recoil scripts
  • Burst fire scripts
  • Rate changers (Lag scripts)
  • Stop sound scripts

Violations of this rule will lead to a warning the first time. If in team matches more than 1 player played with wrong client settings and they have been warned before already, the match will be deleted.

3.1.2. Illegal software and hardware tools

Changing the game graphics or textures with the help of video card drivers or similar tools is illegal. Furthermore any kind of overlay that displays the system performance while playing (e.g. Nvidia SLI Display, Rivatuner Overlays) is illegal. Tools that only display the FPS are legal. You will be punished regardless of whether the changes have been made using external hardware or software and regardless of actively using them or not.

3.1.3. Content of the config folder

In the config folder you are only allowed to have config files. Pictures, demos, screenshots and zipped files are forbidden. If an admin is hindered in his work because of too many unclear config files, penalty points (1-3) can be assigned. Protests and support tickets opened because of this rule are illegal and will be rejected.

3.2. Server settings

Only the following server settings, plugins and mods may be used.

3.2.1. Whitelist

ESL uses the TF2 global whitelist, to view it visit here. Players can use items and taunts which are green colored in the whitelist. It is forbidden to use items and taunts which are marked red color in the whitelist.

3.2.2. Server Configs

The official ESL TF2 server settings mentioned in the various game rules must be used. All server settings must be checked before the match begins. As soon as the match begins, the players therewith accept the set configurations. Should any changes in the server settings take place during a running game, the server administrator is to be informed immediately. In case of a protest, it must be proven using screenshots and /or demos.

3.2.3. Server plugins

TFTrue is the only allowed server plugin.

3.3. Map Pool and Formats

Map mp_timelimit mp_winlimit mp_windifference

3.3.1. 5CP Maps

5CP maps will be played with mp_timelimit 30 and mp_windifference 5. In case of a tie at the end of the timelimit, a decider round will be played. If no round has been scored after 15 minutes of the decider round, the team holding the middle point wins.

3.3.2. KOTH (King of the Hill) Maps

KOTH maps run as a best of 3 system, the team who wins 3 rounds first takes the map. mp_winlimit 3 must be set for the game to end correctly.

4. Match rules

4.1. Before the match

4.1.1. Server choice

The ESL does not supply servers for matches, players and teams must provide their own and come to an agreement with their opponent as to which to use. In case no agreement can be reached, each team decides on a map which is then played on each of the two team’s servers. The teams can of course play on a completely neutral server, if they decide to do so. The internet is changing continuously and the connection to a server is not always perfect. Players and teams have to agree on a server that offers both sides an equal ping. Nevertheless every player should know, that they will sometimes have to play with a bigger ping difference. In this case we have to appeal to the sportsmanship and fairness of the players and teams. The right to change server or fake lag does not exist.

4.1.2. Nickname and clan tag

Each player has to use a nickname that is similar to the nickname entered in the ESL player sheet. You are not allowed to change your nickname in-game. Protests or support tickets because of a violation of this rule will be rejected. If an admin's job is hindered because of wrong or difficult nicknames and/or clan tags, penalty points can be given to the players and teams.

4.2. During the match

4.2.1. Server crash

Should the server crash during a match, the score and map time limit must be recorded by both captains. When the server has been restored or replaced, the map time limit should be changed to match the time before the server crashed (mp_timelimit xx).

4.2.2. Player drop

If a player drops the server will be paused (see rule "Game pausing"). The waiting time for a dropped player is 5 minutes. If the player or a substitute rejoins the server and both teams are ready, the game can be resumed. In case the dropped player does not reconnect within 5 minutes and there should be no substitute available, the team must continue playing with one less player.

4.2.3. Change of players

Players can be changed at any time but the opposing team has to be informed in advance. If necessary the game can be paused (see rule "Game pausing"). This change may not take more than 5 minutes. After the waiting time the match can also be continued without the full team and the player can join in the running game. Changed players must be registered in the team with their TF2 Steam ID prior to the match.

4.2.4. Game intermissions

If the match is interrupted during a map, the current points must be recorded by both captains. This rule serves the purpose of covering unexpected intermissions that are not willfully brought about by the teams. So if a game is interrupted but cannot be continued on the same day, the remaining game time can be played at a later date but within seven days. If the teams/players fail to agree on a date, an admin will determine the date. If a team/player fails to appear an admin will decide whether the match is rated as 'did not show up' or 'match abort'. Only players who were in the team at the initial play-date are allowed to continue the game. New players have no permission to play the match, except the opponent teams grants it.

4.2.5. Game pausing

If you have a problem that prevents you from playing on, you are allowed to pause the game. You have to announce the reason before or immediately after you paused the game. Pausing the game without any reason will lead to penalty points (see Unsportsmanlike behaviour). If the problem can't be solved (max. 10 minutes pause time) see rule Game intermissions.

4.2.6. Spamming

Up to 2 penalty points for misusing the in-game chat function for excessive spamming in order to irritate the opponent or to disturb the course of the game. The chat function is solely meant for communicating with your opponent.

4.2.7. Golden Cap

In case of a draw, a Golden Cap must be played. The server must be set to have no time limit and have a win limit of 1. If no round has been scored after 15 minutes of the decider round, the team holding the middle point wins.

4.2.8. Bugs and forbidden actions

The using of bugs is not allowed. Should a bug that is not listed be used, an admin will decide if a penalty is necessary. Sky walking, sharking

Sky walking, floating and sharking are all forbidden. Taunt bug

Taunting while falling from ledges is forbidden. Map exploits

It is illegal to use a map glitch to one's advantage when that was not the original intention of the map maker. Any bug-using is forbidden.

4.3. After the match

4.3.1. Right to write a support ticket/file a protest

Only players/teams involved in a match are allowed to write a support ticket or to file a protest. Players can open a protest up to 72h after match start.

4.3.2. Game abort

If a team aborts a match before it is finished, a win may be granted to the remaining team if the match advanced to a point where the end result can be determined. If your opponent should deliberately leave the match, you must definitely file a protest. You are not allowed to enter a result yourself. This can be penalized as a fake result.

5. Casting and Streaming

Casting an ESL match is only permitted with an ESL admin agreement. To get an agreement please write a Support ticket.

5.1. Personal Streaming

Personal Streaming is always allowed if ESL TV is not casting the same match. If ESL TV is casting a match, personal streaming is not allowed without an admin agreement. Personal Streaming of a match shown by ESL TV, without permission from an ESL admin, can lead to a disqualification of the team or ban of the participant streaming content during the tournament.

6. Cup rules

Unless specified otherwise, in all of our cups the ladder rules are valid as well. There are some special rules in place for cups:

6.1. Special rules

6.1.1. Deadlines

open a protest: within 10 minutes after the match The deadlines are determined by upload time.

6.1.2. No show

If your opponent does not confirm that they are ready 10 minutes after their last match got closed and rated, you have to open a protest to request a default win. Map vote and connecting to the server need to be done in time. Players/teams showing no real effort to do it or even delaying the process on purpose may be disqualified.

6.1.3. Servers

The ESL provides high quality servers to play on. It's allowed to play on another server if one party wishes to do so (e.g. due to ping problems). If you do not want to play on the ESL server, you need to have your own server. If both players/teams should have a server available, the match is going to be split over two servers. The server of the player/team which is on the left side in the match sheet will be used for the first half of the match. The other server for the second half of the match.

6.1.4. Golden Cap

In case of a draw, a Golden Cap must be played. The server must be set to have no time limit and have a win limit of 1. If no round has been scored after 15 minutes of the decider round, the team holding the middle point wins.

6.1.5. Adding new players

All players on a team at the official start time of the cup are eligible to play in all matches. After the official start time only two new players are eligible to play. Using more than two new players during the cup will result in a default loss. New players must be registered in the team with their TF2 Steam ID prior to the game integration match confirmation.

6.1.6. Disqualification

To keep the delay during the cup as slightly as possible ESL reserves the right to disqualify teams from the tournament. This will only be done in cases were a team shows no real effort to get a match done or is even obviously blocking. In hard cases this can even affect both teams. If one team is unable to connect to the server due to game account problems this will result in a disqualification.

7. Penalty Point Catalogue

In general, a player and the team can receive up to 6 penalty points per match, unless a single violation has a higher punishment. A team is only punished once per violation, regardless of how many players. Where a player or team receives penalty points for multiple violations, the penalty points are added together.

Rule violation Number of penalty points
No show1 Team: 3; Player: 2
Reject compulsory challenge Normal: 1
Intense (top 10): 2
Abort match Player / Team: 2
Use of ineligible player
Inactive barrage Player / Team: 3
Barraged Player / Team: 6
Unregistered player Player / Team: 3
Missing Premium (where required) Player / Team: 3
Missing Trusted (where required) Player / Team: 3
Ringer/Faker Player / Team: 6
Playing with wrong gameaccount Player / Team: 3
Playing without a registered gameaccount Player / Team: 3
Unsportsmanlike behaviour
Multiple/Fake accounts Warning / 1-4 penalty points
Deception Player / Team: 1 - 4
Fake result Player / Team: 4
Fake match media Player / Team: 6
Fake match Player / Team: 6
Cheating Player: 12 / Team: 6
1In cup and league matches default wins are given instead of a match deletion and penalty points.

Matches get only deleted if the team/player violating the rules won the match.