Quick Rules

  • ESL uses the TF2 global whitelist, to view it visit here. Players can use items and taunts which are green colored in the whitelist. It is forbidden to use items and taunts which are marked red color in the whitelist.
  • A link to the logs.tf page must be uploaded to the match page within 24 hours of the match ending. If for some reason the logs.tf page couldn’t be uploaded/found, a screenshot of the scoreboard must be uploaded to match media.
  • It is mandatory for all players to record one point-of-view (POV) demo per map for the full duration of all matches without exceptions.
  • Cup format: Swiss (elimination after 2 losses)
  • All matches Best-of-1
ESL Map Pool:
  • cp_process_final
  • cp_granary_pro_rc8
  • koth_product_rc9
  • cp_gullywash_final1
  • cp_snakewater_final1
  • cp_sunshine
  • cp_prolands_rc1
  • cp_logjam_rc10a
ESL Configs: If you have problems, or notice any issues, please contact the admins IMMEDIATELY (see Chat info). Dispute situations with your opponent should be reported through the protest only!

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Place Award
medal_gold_3.png 1. 30 days section-premium_small.gif Premium
medal_silver_3.png 2. 14 days section-premium_small.gif Premium
medal_bronze_3.png 3. 7 days section-premium_small.gif Premium


Looking for your opponents or need help? During the cup join ESL Team Fortress 2 on Discord or open a support ticket.

Match related issues must be handled via match protest.


Is this your first time? Here are the important steps:

  • Follow the instructions on the right to sign up and check in
  • If check in is enabled, make sure to check in on time
  • Wait for your first match to show up on the right
  • Get in contact with your opponent and play the match
  • Enter the result and ask your opponent to confirm
  • Wait for your next match

Still need help? During the cup, use chat if it is available, otherwise please contact support.