Vatican.WR  National HT  id:  8790183
Who does not believe in the Papa Lino can not join the team.
Honorary Members:
Kawary ( Mafia Admin of WarRock and ESL ), LaBelva ( Mr.Protest ) and simogto ( adviser )
The Spanish flag is the alliance with Spain which has sent troops including Skullman, best soldier in the nation.

FANTASY WARROCK for Nations Cup:

Lineups ships in Mongolia:
1)BHTEU,Imprecatio,Jiong,xOguz - GREAT SUCCESS
2)Casa,Katra,You Like Banana,Kamazutra - GREAT EXCESS
3)Jake,Hikarii,KingChris,Monke - MISSION FAILED
4)Eternity,Mr.Dalton,Vipsilver,Italyz17 - MISSION FAILED
5)aleale1,Slevin,Cimo,Napalmo - SUCCESS


Lineups ships in United Kingdom:
1)BHTEU,aleale1,Slevin,Borto-Taz ( team from the ground ) - BHTEU play alone with panzerfaust: SUCCESS CARRYING
2)Phenom,Casa,inconnu,0ffkillz ( team from the ground ) - GREAT SUCCESS
3)Kamazutra,You Like Banana,Katra,Ugly as Fuck ( team of investigation ) - GREAT C*MSHOT!
4)Jiong,Italyz17,Skullman,Mr.Dalton ( team from the ground ) - MISSION FAILED - DOWN TEAM
5)m3jOr91,Vipsilver,Monke,xn0time ( team from the ground ) - The OVC was not found
6)IZDA,Jake,Kyoko,UkDarren ( reconnaissance team ) - Success
7)Lelouch,magnetic,ZioFendi,Cimo ( recovery team ) - MISSION FAILED ( magnetic is a traitor )