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► Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

ESL 5vs5 Europe [8th place]
ESL 5vs5 1 Map cups [2nd place] 1 month premium
ESL 5vs5 1st National Greek Championship MW3 [3rd place] 1350 euro
Netcups FragLan 5vs5 Summer Finals [2nd place] 100 euro + prizes
Delta One 5vs5 best16 Europe Tournament (El1te Gaming Merge) [1st place!]

► Call of Duty: Black Ops II

ESL 5vs5 GO4BO2 Tournaments (3th place)
ESL 5vs5 EU Spring League Finals (5th place)
ESL 5vs5 A Series 2013 | BO2 (1st place EU Main League for 3 weeks)
ESL 5vs5 2nd National Greek Championship BO2 (3rd place) 625 euro + prize

► Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Netcups #3 Greece Cup 2013 [3rd place]
e-GAMING Cup August 2013-14 (4th place)

► Call of Duty®: Ghosts

5vs5 ESL A-Series (5th)

Team Rampage® by DIgital Square® is a competitive team from Greece.

We are based only in high skilled players, we mainly playing on Tournaments & Leagues (like ESL) and participating in Lan Events.
Team Rampage® by DIgital Square® has deep roots back in MW2, after admirable courses through MW3 and BO2 with many 2nd, 1st , 3rd places and rewards from Lans and Tournaments.

Now the team has evolved into competitive e-sports and with a strong team and partners aims 1st places in both Greece and Europe.

2013-2014 its the year that we will participate in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Counter Strike: Global Offensive! good luck to our teams and friends ..let's have one more exciting gaming year!!

►Team Rampage® 2014
►Sponsored by Digital Square®

Team Rampage® originally founded in July 29, 2011 by ShadowScorpion. ©