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Hello Admin,

our opponent didn`t know and accept the rules of the ESL.
Before the match starts ask our opponent if their barred players to enter the match.
We need to keep holding us at the Rules and didn`t allowed them.
Our opponent connecting on the server with 2 barred players.After that we advise that we didn`t allowed the barred players.All opponents leave the server and insult us in the match comments.

or google translation:

You see the screenshot from my mate and you see the batch \"IHR HURENSÖHNE\" in the matchcomments.
I appeal that the Team and everybody of the team l00med according to castigate.

mfg Sebastian \'bastian\' Wolf

Hello Dear ESL admins

in the match http://www.esl.eu/de/player/14...r15/ladder/match/23420990/ 5on5 one was played! After the 1st half-time another player came by our opponents aufn server! This is not allowed under the rules! I beg of which it is checked! For Wire logfiles see it, too, that people started 6 of our enemies have wire! So there is a stepped and this is not allowed according to rules! beg of it controlled! We want to get the match and the opponent pps delete!

THANK memoriies *