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Honorary member
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 Ben Haschisch
Fighter 3862 days
PUBG ID: BenHaschisch  (22.06.18)
Fighter 3779 days
Fighter 3321 days
PokerTH Nickname: d0nut  (23.04.13)
Steam Account: dnt  (10.08.19)
Fighter 4526 days
Fighter 3875 days
WC3 Battlenet (eu): dA_faKer  (06.04.07)
Uplay Nick: Flamndot.  (18.06.17)
Fighter 3428 days
Leader 4469 days
Fighter 4023 days
 Lord of the games
Leader 4798 days
Fighter 3798 days
Fighter 3792 days
EA ID (PC): Nightwane  (01.03.19)
Uplay Nick: YP.Nightwane  (13.03.16)
Fighter 3796 days
Fighter 3856 days
EA ID (PC): rendierr  (01.03.19)
Uplay Nick: rendier.  (26.02.18)
Zula Nickname (Europe): rendier  (05.05.17)
Fighter 3512 days
PUBG ID: twiN87  (11.01.18)
Uplay Nick: rkT_TwiN  (07.02.16)
Fighter 3692 days

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