National Heads UK   id:  3576478
Name Permission Member since Gameaccounts
Leader 507 days
Honorary member
Name Permission Member since Gameaccounts
Fighter 3215 days
Fighter 3215 days
Fighter 4045 days
Fighter 2573 days
Fighter 4045 days
Arena of Valor Nickname (Europe): therogue  (18.05.18)
Auto Chess (IN DEVELOPMENT): TheRogue  (28.07.20) BattleTag (Global): TheRogue#1456  (15.06.20)
WC3 Battlenet (eu): TheRogue  (16.08.16)
Clash of Clans: #L2Y2ULQ0P  (19.03.19)
Clash of Clans Supercell ID (IN DEVELOPMENT): #L2Y2ULQ0P  (28.11.19)
EA ID (PC): Th3Rogue  (12.08.20)
EA ID (integration): therogue  (09.01.19)
ESEA Account (IN DEVELOPMENT): 112755  (17.02.20)
MC5 PC Dogtag (New): therogue  (19.10.18)
Paladins: Th3Rogue  (23.07.19)
PokerTH Nickname: therogue  (18.12.14)
PSN Online ID: TheRog_e  (13.07.20)
PSN Online ID (Integration / QA): TheRog_e  (05.12.18)
PUBG ID: Th3Rogue3  (27.09.17)
Quake Champions: TheRogue  (24.06.17)
RocketID: TheRogue#1234  (13.11.19)
Street Fighter 5 Nickname: theroguebcacon  (16.08.16)
Steam Account: TheRogue  (07.07.20)
Uplay (DO NOT USE): TheRogue_  (25.02.19)
Uplay Nick: therogue  (06.07.17)
Xbox Account: T3hRogu3  (27.07.19)
Zula Nickname (Europe): therogue  (21.02.17)

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