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# 6 08/10/13 22:17
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Why no EU Versus for Wot?
# 5 06/10/13 15:50
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hey Admins..i have no words to describe what happend on go4wot 131..thats is realy not ok and i am an admin on Croatian game portal and i will give my best to rate ESL eu badest grade that i can..i think you all know what is a problem..
and i buyed esl premium..what an idiot em i..

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# 4 01/07/13 20:57
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Dear Admin. We in the Swedish vikings 2 would be happy to take a break over the summer and start playing in august again! The only question is how to go about doing right? Sincerely Mojje
# 3 07/03/13 00:07
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I can not add to the account named esl 4404.
account being used by someone else writes.
Could you help?
# 2 26/02/13 04:19
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English !!! international
# 1 15/05/12 15:37
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hallo.were schön,wenn spieler die sich zb beim fun-cap nicht an die regeln halten-und auch reportet werden- vom zb fun-cup ausgeschlossen mir und meinem clan-kumpel schon passiert-nach game-ende reportet-nix passiert-unfairer spieler kommt eine runde weiter-faire spieler fliegen raus.ich meine im speziellen das nicht beachten des kampf-gebietes.
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