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# 41 18/02/10 18:27
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the choice itself depends on deterministic systems consisting of matter, which has its limitations

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# 40 24/12/09 21:30
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Limitations are mental.
The only reason to stop is the choice of doing so.
# 39 04/12/09 13:19
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Incompetent admins makes this harder.
# 38 30/11/09 18:50
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wtf stop playing so many matches
Response of  Icarus: 01/12/09 01:01
You guys tried to yesterday, although we'll just rematch you soon enough!

# 37 30/11/09 05:21
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# 36 25/11/09 14:13
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AHAHAHAHAHAH love it. My oldest and best online mate is dutch :(

I like to keep racism on the low down, but in secret im just a redneck with aspirations to become a bomber.

FYI, the pinky stays down.. but the tea shall be drunk :) PAHA
Response of  Akira: 25/11/09 18:51

# 35 25/11/09 12:50
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und ihr kann das nicht leugnen? ^^
Response of  Akira: 25/11/09 18:52
dno what I was on about :<

# 34 24/11/09 08:46
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Basicly, what my friend is saying is. Unless your even remotly part british. You suck. This only applies to abaddon though, because oddly enough, i liked sweden.. and i wont condem you to bombing JUST yet.


ffs no double comment so EDIT ETC:

Ahhhhhh i like your backstory and logic behind the logo, im intriegued heavily at how you made it because not a lot of people bother much with jka logo's. Been thinking of somthing for alive for about 109390178409174 years now.

Got nothing :/

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Response of  Akira: 24/11/09 10:20
Alright, now to the facts.

The only good thing coming from Britain are The Beatles and Churchill, obviously the population's intellectual level is close to yours and for hating on the Dutch you just proved it to be very very low.


Thanks, we tend to put some effort behind whatever we do to actually make it worth it in the long run.

Now if you actually find yourself stuck without creativity for your logo sitting in your room drinking tea with the pinky up, why don't you drive around 35km towards France and try to get inspirational there while listening to Claude François.

Now, enough of being as queer as a nine bob note
have a good one, keep your pecker up.

# 33 14/11/09 11:29
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I actually think we've atleast got 60days... Maybe even 120. But who really gives a flying crap, its not about achievements its about who you beat... And we got owned by THE best and beat the rest... Kinda.
# 32 12/11/09 06:45
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I should stick the Misters in the 2on2 ladder and we'd be 7 points above and then we'd just do a balin and sit there for 120 days... o_o. What you guys think?
Response of  Icarus: 16/11/09 08:13
I don't think that what this game needs is more inactivity!

# 31 04/11/09 18:01
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whats the wolf represent with the logo? and who did it? and i like it ^^
Response of  Akira: 05/11/09 12:09
It's a Wolf/Fox image merged for it's mythological background.
Foxes are an important part of human culture, being central characters of many myths and folklore. In the past, they were associated with forces of the supernatural.

Four wolf brothers — It is interesting to compare this tale to that of the four primordial Bear brothers, White Bear, Blue (or Gray) Bear, Red Bear, and Black Bear. White Wolf and White Bear both have control over holy things. Blue Sky and Blue Bear both have special connections to the control of day. Black Bear, like Black Wolf, does have some connection to the night, since the founder of the Black Bear Subclan is said to have originated in the spirit world as a Nightspirit. The "odd men out" are Gray Wolf and Red Bear. Nevertheless, they do have a match inasmuch as Gray Wolf is in charge of maintaining (being a guardian of) the earth; he has special functions in connections with war, and he is a guardian of the gate to the land of the dead.

I made the logo, thank you.

# 30 28/10/09 15:49
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your old logo is better :(
Response of  Icarus: 31/10/09 03:41
To be honest the old logo isn't even close!

# 29 10/10/09 18:09
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# 28 03/07/09 07:27
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# 27 13/06/09 16:16
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liar roy liar
# 26 09/05/09 08:01
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lol, myths are back :o
Response of  Abaddon: 09/05/09 14:51
never been gone..

# 25 15/04/09 07:30
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# 24 09/04/09 11:17
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ty ty :)
# 23 08/04/09 12:43
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# 22 08/04/09 12:39
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hf guys;)
# 21 08/04/09 10:03
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Dont own too much or else u gona scare them all away xD
# 20 04/04/09 09:37
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# 19 03/04/09 15:59
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wow beautiful logo ! o.o
# 18 31/03/09 03:46
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lite såppa!
# 17 30/03/09 15:18
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Myth coming again xD
gl guys!
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