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Vietcong Teamplay Ladder
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01.10.05 DOG Soldiers of Kadan - Alternative Team Detail
01.10.05 German Fight Elite Detail
01.10.05 Czech Amateur Clan Detail
29.09.05 We Were Immortal.VC Detail
28.09.05 Alpha Detail
27.09.05 We Were Immortal.VC Detail
25.09.05 New Generation Gamers Good players... but still to much talking in war.... Detail
04.09.05 Alpha Detail
29.08.05 DOG Soldiers of Kadan - Alternative Team Detail
22.08.05 PoLisH PlaYboYs Good Players!! Detail
21.08.05 Alliance of Darkness Detail
19.08.05 sharKz gg :) Detail
18.08.05 electronic Sports clan Nice enemy! nächste forderung kommt! Detail
17.08.05 ResT in Peace gg Detail
16.08.05 VC KINGZ Detail
10.08.05 die for Flag-HonoRaRY squaD Detail
08.08.05 electronic Sports clan Detail
27.07.05 flash-gaming GG and Thx for War!!! Detail
24.07.05 Propheten der Hölle.vc Detail
21.07.05 NecroRaisers Vietcong Detail
17.07.05 Veteran Camp Germany -VC 4on4- Nice Enemy! Detail
09.07.05 Grey-Wolves VC 4on4 Detail
08.07.05 Veteran Camp Germany -VC 4on4- n1 Enemy Detail
05.07.05 Alliance of Darkness Detail
27.06.05 Czech Amateur Clan Detail
26.06.05 Cyber Realm.vc GG... Good enEmy Detail
22.06.05 flash-gaming Detail
17.06.05 SkyRiders-Hononary Team.4on4-VC thx for game Detail
14.06.05 Veteran Camp Germany -VC 4on4- Nice Enemy! Detail
10.06.05 Vietcong Fun Fighters gut und nett Detail
03.06.05 die for Flag-HonoRaRY squaD gg Detail
25.05.05 flash-gaming Detail
22.05.05 Veteran Camp Germany -VC 4on4- Nice Enemy :D Detail
21.05.05 Authentix.Redaktion GG haben die führung verspielt..... Detail
21.05.05 electronic Sports clan Wie immer ++ =) Detail
19.05.05 Czech Amateur Clan No.1 gamers, but is equitableness say good bye after game, we stay on your server but you dont come.. Detail
16.05.05 Grey-Wolves VC 4on4 Detail
14.05.05 Grüne Teufel top wie immer Detail
12.05.05 We Were Immortal.VC Detail
10.05.05 Clankiller.vc Detail
08.05.05 flash-gaming Detail
04.05.05 Veteran Camp Germany -VC 4on4- Nice Enemy!! Detail
03.05.05 electronic Sports clan Detail
30.04.05 Dunno Team GG Thx Detail
30.04.05 Team SCB.VC -4on4- good game :) Detail
27.04.05 SkyRiders-Hononary Team.4on4-VC GG Detail
25.04.05 Alliance of Darkness Detail
22.04.05 We Were Immortal.VC Detail
20.04.05 Team SCB.VC -4on4- very skilled players on NVABase! respect, you were the better team :) Detail
20.04.05 Clankiller.vc wieso nur neutral Detail
16.04.05 Grey-Wolves VC 4on4 Detail
16.04.05 SkyRiders-Hononary Team.4on4-VC Detail
10.04.05 Czech Amateur Clan Detail
08.04.05 TEAM LÖSCHEN BITTE Detail
04.04.05 Tragic Army Guys Detail
01.04.05 Authentix.Redaktion GG Detail
31.03.05 Red Dog Detail
30.03.05 MGZ Dogs Detail
29.03.05 Rest in Peace HTC- Jungle Storm HaRdCoRe Spieler ;) Detail
24.03.05 VC KINGZ FAST!!!!!!! Detail
22.03.05 CraZy GaMing ClaN gg Detail
21.03.05 electronic Sports clan gg, keine chance ;D Detail
20.03.05 Magic Balloons.4v4 GG Detail
20.03.05 Grüne Teufel war mal wieder super gerne wieder Detail
19.03.05 Enemy in Front Detail
07.03.05 Quality Gaming-Team Vc very strong opponent! Detail
05.03.05 Grüne Teufel Sehr Gute und Faire Spieler gern wieder Detail
03.03.05 Alliance of Darkness Detail
01.03.05 Authentix.Redaktion GG Detail
24.02.05 Team-Fighter -4on4- IN4kTIV Detail
22.02.05 Veteran Camp Germany -VC 4on4- Nice Enemy!! Detail
19.02.05 In memory to ex-esp und lao n1 Detail
17.02.05 Clankiller.vc MfG Detail
10.02.05 just4fun playing Detail
08.02.05 We Were Immortal.VC Detail
06.02.05 Grey-Wolves VC 4on4 rap nachstemal bitte erst denken dann reden :) Detail
06.02.05 SCB PwNZ yA Detail
02.02.05 mal schauen was kommt Detail
31.01.05 the n00bHunt3rs by team-easy.de Detail
26.01.05 Enemy in Front Great Guys Detail
24.01.05 Rest in Peace Detail
17.01.05 Quality Gaming-Team Vc no chance... Detail
16.01.05 TurdFurgeson.vc Detail
12.01.05 just4fun playing Detail
10.01.05 Red Dog Stenata :D Detail
09.01.05 DOG Soldiers Detail
06.01.05 Veteran Camp Germany -VC 4on4- Nice Enemy! Very closed Game Detail
28.12.04 CraZy GaMing ClaN - NoSkiLL Detail
24.12.04 Grey-Wolves VC 4on4 Detail
20.12.04 Veteran Camp Germany -VC 4on4- Flame Flame! Flame! Detail
20.12.04 eXotic Detail
18.12.04 Hunted Noobz by easy super fair!!! Detail
17.12.04 Alpha Detail
13.12.04 Red Dog Detail
12.12.04 SaD - Chaos Team Detail
10.12.04 Czech Amateur Clan not fair clan, write other how do after Detail
09.12.04 Vietcong Clan Kronach Detail
04.12.04 Tactical Operation Unit Clan Detail
02.12.04 x beiss vier auf vier Detail
29.11.04 the n00bHunt3rs by team-easy.de Detail
14.11.04 Kiss of Death Detail
13.11.04 New Xtreame Detail
12.11.04 Electronic Sports Clan Hammer Gegner Geiles Spiel! Revanche kommt ;D Detail
11.11.04 The Funky Brothers -VC- 4on4 ALLES GUT Detail
04.11.04 TurdFurgeson.vc Harter War, netter Gegner Detail
30.10.04 dream 4 Detail
06.10.04 Veteran Camp Germany -VC 4on4- Nettes Verhalten! Detail
03.10.04 The Funky Brothers -VC- 4on4 alles sauber Detail
02.10.04 BRITA Detail
01.10.04 TheLoosers Zuviel GECAMPT!!! Nächstes mal bringe ich euch nen grill mit und fleisch und würstchen das wenn alle von uns TOT sind ihr was essen könnt ok?? Detail
26.09.04 ad.vc...only for CUP wiedermal einen guten tag gehabt, was? Detail
01.09.04 FGP.VC 4on4 -rb- powered by alphacool.de ..... Detail