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BF4 (PS4) 5on5 Domination Community Cup #1 Germany
created from rating comment match
11.12.15 Experienced Pros Detail

BF4 (PS4) 5on5 Domination Weekly Cup #10 Europe
created from rating comment match
22.11.15 Experienced Pros Detail

BF4 (PS4) Open Ladder 5on5 Domination Europe
created from rating comment match
04.11.15 Fight 4 Glory Detail
01.09.15 iNcredible Detail
30.08.15 xtreme Slayers eSports Detail
17.08.15 limitless FusioN Detail
02.08.15 Contact! Wait-Out Detail
02.08.15 THE GODS OF WAR Detail
01.08.15 ADIKTOS E-SPORTS Detail
30.07.15 CNX.GG GG Detail
26.07.15 1st DIVISION ZEBRAZ E.C. Detail
19.07.15 InVids e-sports Detail
22.06.15 xtreme Slayers eSports close game Detail
17.06.15 Reapers of Souls Detail
31.05.15 LUPI Branco Elite Detail
31.05.15 xtreme Slayers eSports Detail
20.04.15 ggggggggggggggggggggg Detail
12.04.15 CNX.GG GG Detail
06.04.15 ZERO TEAM E-SPORTS Detail
03.04.15 OnU DRAGOES Detail
27.03.15 0815 In Fidem Detail
17.03.15 Skynet Italia Detail
05.03.15 2EzY for U Bro Detail
18.02.15 FAB Games eSports Detail