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BF4 Major Ladder 5on5 Squad Obliteration Europe
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23.03.14 Nights Soldiers eSport Dusk Detail
17.03.14 HeXagon e-Sports Detail
05.03.14 Second Generation Detail
02.03.14 E-SHOCK. BF4 Detail
02.03.14 Türk Özel Kuvvetleri Detail
27.02.14 Team Infused .BF4 Detail
23.02.14 Animate eSports.BF4 Detail
19.02.14 Türk Özel Kuvvetleri Detail
16.02.14 Special Kommando Player gg Detail
16.02.14 FLUX Gaming Detail
13.02.14 Azimut.BF4 Detail
10.02.14 Leverage Esports Detail
09.02.14 LKG_Rebirth.BF4 Detail
06.02.14 mixtage Detail
03.02.14 3RDUNIT.gg Detail
02.02.14 GAS GAS CLAN nice to play with you Detail

BF4 Major Ladder 5on5 Domination Germany
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29.01.14 CPLAY Tt.eSPORTS Detail
28.01.14 TeamBUKtu Detail
27.01.14 TeamBUKtu Detail
26.01.14 CPLAY Tt.eSPORTS Detail

Battlefield 4 Cups DE 3on3 Wintercup
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23.01.14 Netzteil Detail