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Counter-Strike: Source 5on5 Amateur Series
created from rating comment match
19.11.06 closed4tw sl halt :> Detail
05.11.06 Ubahn Detail
05.11.06 apeX eSports CSS Detail
24.09.06 tci Detail
12.09.06 r0fl die katz gg Detail
03.09.06 LanFan gg Detail

Counter-Strike: Source 5on5 EPS IX Qualifikation
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28.08.06 in memory of ubahn EPS Quali Detail
23.08.06 fRiendZ by pX5 - closed gg Detail
20.08.06 evident-prime.EAS hf in der eps Detail

Counter-Strike: Source 5on5 Amateur Series
created from rating comment match
21.05.06 Fallen-Soulz.source Detail
21.05.06 eSports Kingz.Speedlink gg gerne wieder Detail
07.05.06 in memory of Gate10 - EAS Detail
02.05.06 pioneerz - EAS gg Detail
18.04.06 inaCtiveeeee gg netter Gegner! Detail
26.03.06 click it euer server ist scheisse wie ihr Detail
16.03.06 Gameface gg nice gegner Detail
12.03.06 Fallen-Soulz.source Detail
08.03.06 alter EAS Account hart aber herzlich Detail
04.03.06 wait gg Detail
19.02.06 EAS.de - 1101Punkte :) Detail
28.01.06 animosity Detail
15.01.06 click it Detail
08.01.06 akLiZoNeD.de nette Leute Detail
18.12.05 inaCtiveeeee knapp :> Detail
28.11.05 Fallen-Soulz.source Detail
27.11.05 REISE NACH AEGYPTEN gg Detail
20.11.05 Kämpfer des Schattens Detail
20.11.05 leerer account 2 Detail

Counter-Strike: Source 5on5 Old Amateur Series
created from rating comment match
30.04.06 volenti nihil difficile old quite dire server Detail
02.04.06 DEFEATERS Detail
12.03.06 in memory of plan-B Detail
07.03.06 ägypten on tour gg -.- Detail
28.02.06 They Kick Ass gg Detail
19.02.06 GamersNation css.de EAS Detail
12.02.06 RAWR! Detail