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Counter-Strike 5on5 MR15 5on5 MR15 Summer Cup 06
created from rating comment match
21.06.06 Kings Of Sparta Detail
06.06.06 undefined most fun i\'ve had in ages Detail

Counter-Strike 5on5 MR15 Old Amateur Series
created from rating comment match
30.03.06 nearDeath Detail
26.03.06 sm:)e Detail
08.03.06 veLocity Detail
06.03.06 Engine-On-Mute gg boys :D Detail
26.02.06 ethernet01 Detail
12.02.06 sm:)e Detail
10.02.06 InControl Detail
07.02.06 Choke Detail
05.02.06 Cyber Killer Machine Detail
02.02.06 wildStar gg Detail
26.01.06 IntoTheGame Detail
26.01.06 Virtuoso Detail
22.01.06 veLocity GG Detail
18.01.06 Kings Of Sparta no hassle , good game. Detail
12.01.06 planet 6 Detail
12.01.06 ethernet01 Detail
10.01.06 Virtuoso acm = awesome Detail

Counter-Strike 5on5 MR15 Premiership
created from rating comment match
12.03.06 Choke Detail

Counter-Strike 5on5 MR15 Summer Cup
created from rating comment match
09.08.05 interCeption Gaming Skilled clan :) GL with next round summer cup Detail