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Call of Duty 4 Search & Destroy 3on3 Ladder_old
created from rating comment match
15.01.08 Team 1a-Quality.de GG thx Detail
14.01.08 No Skill only Luck Detail
24.12.07 the Army of Darkness Fair gespielt Detail

Call of Duty 4 PAM Search & Destroy 3on3 Ladder
created from rating comment match
23.12.07 NoWAYouT CoD4 Detail
15.12.07 in Memory of blank.Speedlink gg Detail
13.12.07 w4ve - wild 4 venus CoD4 gg Detail

Vietcong Assault Team Game 2on2 Ladder
created from rating comment match
17.06.07 Special Tactical Team Detail
13.06.07 Darki feat. Fresh gg Detail
31.03.05 MaFStA and Evil-Spirit GG Detail
28.03.05 uberYoungsters Detail
26.03.05 QuadraTisch. PrakTisch. GuT. gutes match, etwas stressig.... Detail
25.03.05 Shadow Hunters Detail
19.03.05 tHaTs uNbeLiEvAbLe Detail
19.03.05 NoSound Squad Detail
12.03.05 NintyNinePointNinePercent thx for the klatsche!...nice gane Detail
12.03.05 Eisbash0rDealer n1 Detail