Ekte Bazen   id:  7604540

Name Ekte Bazen
Shorthandle EB
Registered since 19/03/13
Headquarters  Netherlands
In March 2013 Ekte Bazen was created by a group of friends playing League of Legends. After a while it became clear that the team could become more then just a casual group of gamers, we weren't ordinary gamers but autist gamers. We want to show that even autist gamers can be on the top of the League of legends scene.
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Latest matches
  League of Legends 5on5 GoBNL4LoL #45 (20/03)
loss   Sintox HelloKitty  0 Wednesday, 20/03/13 15:00
wins   Team Low Morale  + 2 Wednesday, 20/03/13 14:00