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Name Krawall Clan.CoD
Shorthandle k-clan
Registered since 08/01/04
IRC #k-clan  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Germany
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IRC #k-clan  (QuakeNet)
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Krawall Clan

The Krawall Clan is the official Multi Gaming Clan of the Krawall Gaming Network GmbH (KGN). Visits us on our homepage or in the Quakenet IRC Channel #k-clan.

Der Krawall Clan ist der offizielle Multi-Gaming-Clan der Krawall Gaming GmbH (KGN).

Der Clan umfasst die Spiele „Battlefield 1942“, „Battlefield Vietnam“, „Call of Duty“, „UnrealTournament 2004“, „Söldner: Secret Wars“, „Splinter Cell“. Zur Kontaktaufnahme wendet ihr euch bitte an die jeweiligen Squad-Leader.

Call of Duty - Squad - Information

d3nn!s - 13434f67
bTz - 81683c8d


AlEx2 -
feL!x - a49cd90e
Lurch - 6fd2a90d
JerrY - d4bc106b
oreca - a75ba6fa
Sn1pi - db7d923c

››Team - Status
Active & invite only !

- We play only aigainst Top-Teams
- before ur challeng us contact the Leader / Orga
- We play only with out Pam and pure Server