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Name herc 'n sammy
Registered since 27/10/03
Homepage http://www.animosity.de
IRC #animosity  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Germany / Eislingen
  2  Awards  
IRC #animosity  (QuakeNet)
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finest gaming from Eislingen (BW) !

LAN Erfolge:

LANation.de III #1
RDT-Ritterspiele Januar 2004 #1
LANation.de IV #2 (faculty #1 + #3)


This is an English description! It fulfills all the requirements to an account in an international ladder! It makes kicking us from the ladder obsolete. We have hereby pronounced ourselves good citizens of the Electronic Sports League community.

If you want to challenge us, please contact sammy at #animosity @ quakenet for information like date, time and so on.