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Name MeetYourMakers
Shorthandle MYM
Registered since 25/08/11
IRC MYM.LoL  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Spain
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IRC MYM.LoL  (QuakeNet)
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Welcome to the official MeetYourMakers Fanclub

Who may join here? Everyone! So people who want to see us win!
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If you got questions about our Team you can feel free to contact us on IRC #MYM.LoL
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around our Team.

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News & Interviews:

★★ Araneae takes the pen #1 ★★

MYM.LoL qualifed for WCG grand final
MYM are Roccat Isku CHAMPIONS
Shad : "I have always admired the DotA team MYM had"
MYM welcomes League of Legends Team


Live Streams:
MYM Araneae

Movies & Video Interviews:
WCG League of Legends – Para esta semana
WCG 2011 Entrevista Xpeke y Araneae
Video Interview with MYM Araneae after winning Roccat Isku Challenge
MeetYourMakers at Roccat Isku Challenge (Papito Papito)


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Thank you!