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Name equilibrium eSports
Shorthandle eQ.
Registered since 16/02/11
Homepage https://www.facebook.com/eQuil..
IRC #equilibriumG  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Portugal
Area/Region Do Porto para baixo
  6  Awards  
Honorary member
iKE  and  NiKOLiT
  Epic Fail 3on3 
IRC #equilibriumG  (QuakeNet)
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Latest matches
  League of Legends 5on5 Qualificadores Liga Portuguesa de LoL
wins   xClimaxx  + 3 Friday, 29/06/12 17:00 1
wins   E-Sports cOr3 Gamers LoL.Evo  + 3 Wednesday, 27/06/12 17:00 1
wins   Electronik Generation LoL  + 3 Tuesday, 26/06/12 17:00 1
wins   CAIPITEAM  + 3 Monday, 25/06/12 17:00 1
wins   Pacificum  + 3 Friday, 22/06/12 17:00 1
loss   HardStyle  0 Wednesday, 20/06/12 17:00 0
wins   AeroChase  + 3 Monday, 18/06/12 17:00 1
wins   Os Pesados  + 3 Friday, 15/06/12 17:00 0
wins   Portuguezian Rage  + 3 Tuesday, 12/06/12 17:00 2
  League of Legends 5on5 Clash of Legends #16
wins   Portugal Force  + 2 Wednesday, 30/05/12 17:00 1
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