Elite Sturm-Kommando Nordwind  DoD:S  id:  5628033

Name Elite Sturm-Kommando Nordwind
Shorthandle [ESK]
Registered since 29/01/11
Homepage http://www.esk-hq.de
IRC #esk.dods  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Germany
The [ESK] 'Elite Sturm-Kommando' is a clan existing since 2004 and consists of players of Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

At first, we rocked DoD:Classic and therefore we are playing DoD:Source since the first hour.

The age of the Member starts at 16 years and stops in the mid-thirties! We are still looking for engaged and friendly Members!

Visit us: www.esk-hq.de
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flaKe  and  Tolux
IRC #esk.dods  (QuakeNet)
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Latest matches
  Day of Defeat: Source 6on6 Sommercup 2011
loss   DesasterClan.TU  0 Sunday, 07/08/11 14:00 9
wins   (bye)  Sunday, 31/07/11 14:00 0
  Day of Defeat: Source Bundesliga Saison 11 Gruppenphase
wins   dePredation.unS DODS  + 3 Sunday, 03/04/11 14:00 11
loss   Div. Edelweiss Furor  0 Sunday, 27/03/11 14:00 7
wins   Restless-Eggs  + 3 Sunday, 13/03/11 15:00 9
loss   DeadLine.EU  0 Sunday, 06/03/11 14:00 10