TiFfOyN.BFBC2  6on6+  id:  5438266
Name TiFfOyN.BFBC2
Shorthandle TiF
Registered since 10/11/10
Homepage http://www.tiffoyn.de
Subteam of TiFfOyN
Headquarters  European Union
  1  Awards  
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We are the #TiFfOyN 6on6+ Squad ...
... and ready to fight every clan out there. Don't you think this is going to be easy for you! You are free to prove us wrong! ;)

Our 6on6 team formed in October 2010 and so we still are new to the Rush and Conquest modes. Nevertheless, every Squad member always gives the best:

TiF • badsector (Medic/Engineer)
TiF • Moxitz (Recon)
TiF • DeathyX (Assault/Engineer/Medic/Recon)
TiF • a1345738 (Assault)
TiF • flip (Medic)
TiF • StUffz_Moosi (Medic)
TiF • Shifty2013 (Assault)
TiF • Tassadahr (Assault/Engineer)
TiF • Vernato (Assault)
TiF • A1983B (Assault)
TiF • blackbug (Assault)
TiF • MarioD1960 (Recon)

► Contact:
Homepage: TiFfOyN.de
IRC: #TiFfOyN @ Quakenet
E-Mail: [email protected]