ESL Anticheat Test   id:  5376562

Name ESL Anticheat Test
Shorthandle ACTest
Registered since 12/10/10
Headquarters  Europe
The ESL Anticheat Test teams were created for players to be able to test that their AC is working correctly.

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Password for all teams: wireactest

If you have problems, go to the ESL Anticheat support forum,
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David   and  TheRogue6test
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Leagues & tournaments
    Anti-Cheat Test 1.
    Anticheat Test Apex Legends --
    Anticheat Test CS:GO 2.
    Anticheat Test Modern Combat 5 --
Latest matches
  Anticheat Test WoT
wins   ESL Anticheat Test  + 25 Friday, 08/04/16 14:00 674