Four Kings - Gaming Royalty  CS:GO  id:  5323812
Name Four Kings - Gaming Royalty
Shorthandle 4Kings
Registered since 17/09/10
IRC #4Kings  (QuakeNet)
Subteam of Four Kings - Gaming Royalty
Headquarters  United Kingdom
Since its conception over a decade ago, 4Kings has strived to establish itself as the UK's premiere professional gaming team. Winning championships all over the World, 4Kings is strongly recognised as a world leader in the eSports industry. 4Kings has one of the largest eSports fan bases spanning the entire globe.
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AaroN  and  pete
IRC #4Kings  (QuakeNet)
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Latest matches
  USA Firefall Go4Firefall Cup #1 (Aug 4)
loss   SPADUTCHLISH  0 Sunday, 04/08/13 16:00
  Firefall Go4Firefall Cup #1 - 04/08/13
loss   Pyah  0 Sunday, 04/08/13 11:00 0
  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 5on5 EMS Winter Season 2012 Qualifier
loss   ROCKETMEN EMS  0 Sunday, 30/09/12 12:00
wins   (bye)  Sunday, 30/09/12 11:00