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Name eis-T 3on3
Shorthandle eis-T
Registered since 07/11/09
Homepage http://www.eis-t.org
Subteam of eis-T
Headquarters  Germany
eis-T - gaming eiskalt!.

Visit us - challenge us - ♥ us!

We won't accept any challenge that is set within 24 h of the matchdate.

If you want to fight us you should contact via X-Fire first

eis-T [Klabus*] ==> klabusterbear
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bobby  and  Ryo
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Latest matches
  Call of Duty 4 Funmod All in One
loss   myf!st CUPTEAM  0 Sunday, 29/05/11 14:00 5
wins   FOaFO  + 3 Sunday, 29/05/11 13:00 13