PraXeum   id:  4142552

Name PraXeum
Shorthandle prax
Registered since 22/05/09
IRC #praxeum  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Poland
  1  Awards  
IRC #praxeum  (QuakeNet)
Gameserver ggc /
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Latest matches
  Warcraft 3 Clanwar Summer Cup 2009
wins   (bye)  Friday, 21/08/09 14:00 0
loss   Area of Effect  Friday, 14/08/09 14:00 0
loss   DEFEATERS.WC3  0 Friday, 07/08/09 14:00 0
loss   Best Experts of CyberSports  0 Friday, 31/07/09 14:00 3
loss   The Imperial  0 Friday, 24/07/09 14:00 0
Warcraft III TFT Division of clan Praxeum was made on twenty-second of march in 2008. From the beginning, clan that wasn’t so strong and didn’t achieve any success at all, but in meanwhile players get a lot of experiences and clan became more stronger, as a result of new players joining a team.
In the end of 2008 our clan has been promoted to the first league of However, in these times clan lived through a period of real crisis, in consequence of changed its status on inactive for above an half of year. Nowadays, Team Praxeum is coming back with more powerful strength and motivation to show everybody its own authority.

Leagues in which, we taking part:
Warcraft GIEROmaniak League


Michał "Santi" Paciotek
- acc on Prax.santinus
- acc on garena: PraXeum.Santi

- top 32 Game Festival in Elblag 2008
- top 8 lan HLC open in Warsaw 2008
- top 16 Sunday 2on2 CuP by #99

Łukasz "amroth" Kresa
- acc on prax.amr

Movie contests:
1st place - Netwars Cup #3
3rd place – Frag eXecutors Movie Contest
1st place - Ayrede Cinematics Movie Contest


Tomasz "Inqers" Błażowski
- acc on Inqers
- acc on garena Inqers
- main race Human

Success :
- top32 Game Festival Elbląg
- top6 Royal Open Cracow
- 2 place on Sunday 2on2 CuP by #99
Previous teams:
- nucleaR-outsidE [nudE]
- Bez Strachu [BSTR]
- Logitech UVM [UVM]
- Fear Factory X-Fi [FF.X-Fi]

Damian "FeVeR" Jaśkowski
- acc on FeVeR
- acc on garena refever
- main race Orc

Success :
- top 32 lan hlc open in Warsaw 2008
- top 16 Sunday 2on2 CuP by #99

Previous teams:
- Fantasy squad [FsQ]
- PiWosze Gaming [PiWo]
- RevolutioN [rN]

Marcin "Szwagier" Cieplechowicz
- acc on Szwagier
- acc on garena Szwagier
- main race Human

- top 16 lan hlc open in Warsaw 2008

Previous teams:
- Fantasy Squad [FsQ]
- Team07 [TM07]
- Bez Strachu [BSTR]

Piotr "FuR" Ławecki
- acc on rEvolution.FuR
- acc on garena rEvolution.FuR
- main race Elves


- TOP16 @ Polish ESWC 2008 qualifications
- 9-12th place @ GameFestival 2008
- 3rd place @ Polish Lognetmedia Cup
- TOP16 in Cup
- ESL Summer Cup Playoffs
- 1st place @ WCS#1 by ESL

Previous teams:
- Chaos Gaming [CSG]
- rEvolution [rN]
- Magnetic eSports [MGS]
- Clan of DarknesS [CoD]