Team JFL CS EAS   id:  3850738

Name Team JFL CS EAS
Shorthandle JFL
Registered since 08/02/09
IRC #teamjfl  (QuakeNet)
Subteam of Johns Fragging Legion
Headquarters  Germany / Duisburg
Area/Region Duisburg
  1  Awards  
IRC #teamjfl  (QuakeNet)
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The Clan TeamJFL ("Johns Fragging Legion") was founded in Germany on August 3rd in 1996 by "Zadi" and "Joe" when Quake 1 was released. We started off as a bunch of guys that played for fun, but after a while we saw that there was a lot of potential. Members joined and it was a continual coming and going of games.

The goals respectively the pretensions of JFL focuses on the competition with other clans and players and to improve from match to match. Nowadays a strong game always includes a multiplayer mode for players to compete against each other via internet or a local area network.

With drive, competitive attitudes, and trust we have come a long way...

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