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Name prediction Gaming e.V. and Co.
Shorthandle p'
Registered since 17/08/08
Homepage http://www.prediction-gaming.n..
IRC #prediction-gaming  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Germany / Kaufbeuren
Area/Region Allgäu
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IRC #prediction-gaming  (QuakeNet)
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prediction Gaming e.V Olympiade Main Team


Battleforge Silenthawk, AnnaNass

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - 5on5 baLu, grumbly, lukas, MasterM, solu

Call of Duty: World at War - 1on1 Morpheus, Perfy, Silenthawk

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - 3on3 fEAdZ., flashxxx, h.ollY, KOENIGslin, maRacle, PnT / Panter, westiii

Carom3D - 1on1 Fabes, Fraggy, Protonski

Combat Arms - 1on1 sYnoX

CounterStrike: 1.6 - 3on3 chilly, Coldplay_, nightghost

CounterStrike: Condition Zero - 2on2 chilly, nightghost

CounterStrike: Source - 2on2 infiii_, ZABO

CounterStrike: Manager - 1on1 blackvoo, eye, Furry00

Female MSN - 1on1 KleinesLuder

FIFA10 - 1on1 Neolinhio, oLeee, SaMbA44

HoN - 2on2 Mykale, pRoTon

ICQ Games - 1on1 CY, McLovin, sm4sh

ICQ Games - 2on2 McLovin, sm4sh

Jedi Knight - 1on1 raDonis

Jedi Knight - 2on2 blooDclaw, Spike

Jedi Knight - 3on3 blooDclaw, fortis_miles, KeRn, Noiz, raDonis, reQu1em, scitriX, Spike, steaL, Waldkautz.

MSN Games - 1on1 becks, Harzer, reminder

PES 2010 - 1on1 Scud, thorst, läuft...

PES 2010 - 2on2 Jimmyy, thorst

Playray - 1on1 skillfaker

Playray - 2on2 Reese, skillfaker

PokerTH - 1on1 MASCHINEmottisson., McLovin, skillfaker

Snowbound - 2on2 Chill3r, Speedy0o

TMNF - 1on1 nexuS, haroXX