Reason-Gaming  Female  id:  2964654

Name Reason-Gaming
Shorthandle [R]
Registered since 11/01/08
IRC #reason-gaming  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Europe
  1  Awards  
IRC #reason-gaming  (QuakeNet)
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The Team;
Kelly 'kells' Chapman
Nina 'Pusekatt' Flatnes
Anne 'Jaffy' Rogers
Sofia 'Eilan' Geronzi
Line 'Kitteh' Jakobsen

[[We are a all female clan from Europe, please only approach us to play if you have mature players that can handle the reality that we are female. The jokes are old now and all we would like is the same as any male/mixed clan, a little respect and alot of fun in the process.]]

:: Achievements ::
1st in tigit 1on1 Female cup (Eilan), May '08.
3rd in tigit 1on1 Female cup (Jaffy) , May '08.
1st In FeminaSourceLeague Season One Invite, May '08.
Undefeated in FeminaSourceLeague, Season One Invite.
1st in ImperiumFemina's Female cup to Ladder '07.
1st in ImperiumFemina's Female 5on5 Cup '07.
2nd in ImperiumFemina's Female 3on3 Cup '07.