Silent italian Shadows COD4  Redbyte Cup  id:  2485473

Name Silent italian Shadows COD4
Shorthandle -SiS-
Registered since 17/05/07
Headquarters  Italy
  1  Awards  
AnGeL  and  snox
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Latest matches
  Redbyte Tournament Call of Duty 4 5on5 Sapphire Edition
loss   Quadcore Gaming  -33 Wednesday, 19/01/11 15:00 7
wins   ABUSE  + 23 Monday, 17/01/11 17:00 7
wins   Phantasmagoria  + 25 Wednesday, 12/01/11 15:00 3
draws   reFresh! gaming Cup  + 2 Wednesday, 12/01/11 15:00 12
wins   PURE AIM ROCK  + 23 Tuesday, 28/12/10 19:00 3
6th ESL S&D EMS II Qualifier
4th CB ITA Activision Cup
3rd ClansGame Cup
7th ESL Pro Series VI
2nd CB OpenCup Spring '08 (2nd Division, 4th League)
7/8 ESL S&D SteelSeries Summer Cup '08
3/4 CB Ita Fragtime Summer Cup '08
1st ESL S&D 2on2 Twin Cup V
Semifinals The Game Land 2008
3rd CB OpenCup Fall '08 (5th League)
2nd ClansGame NightCup by
2nd ESL Amateur Series (EPS VIII Qualifier)
4th ESL S&D 5on5 SteelSeries Winter League
2nd ESL S&D 5on5 EMS IV Qualifier
3th Euroleague CoD4 by
3th CB OpenCup Spring '09 (1st League)
4th Dema-Zone Lan Contest 2009
5th ESL SteelSeries Season NightCup II
2nd ESL SteelSeries Season NightCup III
2nd ESL SteelSeries Season NightCup IV
2nd ESL SteelSeries Season NightCup Final
1st SiciliaLanParty Summer Game Party 09
2nd ESL Microsoft League Cup I
4th ESL Microsoft League Final Cup
2nd UGLan Christmas Challenge 09 3on3
4th GameHosting 3on3