Deutscher CS Clan  and Friends  id:  215860
Name Deutscher CS Clan
Shorthandle >DCC<
Registered since 08/01/02
IRC #dcc  (QuakeNet)
Subteam of Deutscher CS Clan - Mother
Headquarters  Germany
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IRC #dcc  (QuakeNet)
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║ • Deutscher CS Clan - esports gaming since 09-2000
║ •
║ • #dcc @ quakenet

║We are the players left from the both original DCC-squads
║gathering in the former *5th Squad Account for remembering the things, that once have been.
║Thus participating in the ESL
║ladder for the other ladders are prohibited due to the player's new teams.
║Also we play solely spontaneously matches
║and there is no use in challenging us without previous agreement.
║Most likely we will decline ANY such-like challenge.
║Contact is available via #dcc @ quakenet by queriing
║Rock, wicki, iceman , nemesis, eXo or pueppi.

║Wir spielen ausschliesslich spontane Matches.
║Deshalb macht es keinen Sinn, uns ohne vorherige Absprache zu forden.
║Höchstwahrscheinlich werden wir jede solchartige Forderung ablehnen.


║ • Server: tba


║ • Active Teams, Ladders & Organisation:

║ • Deutscher CS Clan and Friends

║ • Active Ladders:
║ ► CS 5on5 MR12 Ladder International

║ • Organisation:
║ ► pueppi^blue