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Name PsYcHoS-Gaming
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Registered since 28/06/06
IRC #psychos  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Europe
PsYcHoS-Gaming is an international online multigaming community which was founded in 2006. Originally, there was clan in Counter-Strike 1.6 many years ago however few years since the release of Half-Life 2 we've rebuilt clan from scratch. In it's six years old history clan had many ups and downs but it prevailed, mostly thanks to it's iconic founder. Whole story can be found on our web page.
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IRC #psychos  (QuakeNet)
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  League of Legends EU Nordic & East 5on5Old Ladder
loss   United Pro Players  -23 Sunday, 16/10/11 15:03 1
loss   WM-gaming  -25 Sunday, 09/10/11 08:00 2