Spirit of Darkness   id:  177804

Name Spirit of Darkness
Shorthandle SD
Registered since 12/09/99
Homepage http://www.spirit-of-darkness...
IRC #sd  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Germany
  1  Awards  
Honorary member
fENRiR  and  spargl
IRC #sd  (QuakeNet)
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Founded and playing CTF since spring 1997.

We have played:
QuakeWorld CTF/TDM
Quake 3 CTF/TDM
Jedi Knight 2 CTF

At the moment we are playing good old Quakeworld as well as some Quake3 again and are waiting for the next groundbreaking first-person-shooter. This should/could be Doom3.

Our Achievements:
1999 Q3 TDM DeCL 5th-8th
2000 Q3 TDM IGL 3rd
2000 Q3 CTF DeCL 1st
2000 Q3 TDM DeCL 3rd
2001 Q3 TDM ESL Premiership 3rd
2001 Q3 TDM Kuh3Liga Second League 1st
2001 Q3 TDM ESL Premiership 4th
2001 Q3 TDM Kuh3Liga First League 2nd
2001 Q3 CTF Kuh3Liga Cup 1st
2001 Q3 CTF ESL Premiership 1st
2002 QW TDM ESL Premiership 5th
2002 JK2 CTF ESL Pro Series 3rd
2004 QW TDM GEQL 4th
2004 QW CTF QWCL Second Division 1st