МячЪнестер Юнайтед   id:  11261238

Name МячЪнестер Юнайтед
Shorthandle МЮ
Registered since 02/05/17
Homepage http://haxball.ru/teams/1275-m..
Headquarters  Russian Federation
Area/Region Main population zone
Matchnester United is one of the oldest clubs in the russian hax-community. It was founded on February 19, 2011 by the Latvian national team player dainis.
Gameserver haxhost.com
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Latest matches
  HaxBall Open Ladder 3on3 Europe
loss   Inception  -23 Thursday, 04/05/17 15:00 1
  HaxBall 2on2 Swiss Cup #1 Europe
loss   CantinaBand  0 Thursday, 04/05/17 13:30
loss   aniołki  0 Thursday, 04/05/17 13:00