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Name Here For Beer
Shorthandle HFB
Registered since 13/08/16
Headquarters  Europe
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Latest matches
  Go4RocketLeague Europe Cup #79
loss   RoyalAirForce  0 Sunday, 29/01/17 09:30
wins   cookie  + 2 Sunday, 29/01/17 09:00
wins   AerialDream  + 2 Sunday, 29/01/17 08:30
wins   sR.Rocket League 3vs3  + 2 Sunday, 29/01/17 08:00
The wildcard team "Here for Beer" is a freshly formed team from europe featuring some of the most legendary rocket league players of all time featuring Shak "Shaquille" Shakahron, Smeg "Cheekyboy" Smeghead and Seeb "Swagmeister" Seebrify that has taken the world by storm after their recent accomplishments such as reaching the all star rank in standard 3v3 and with 2/3 members reaching grand champ (the highest achieveable rank) in season 2, with a combined playtime of over 6000 hours and 56 subscribers on their youtube channel, this team is sure to dominate the ladder within the next year or two or maybe 3 but probably 2. If you are interested in doing business with us please send an email to or meet us at the next RLCS lan