Tanki Online 6on6 CTF Brigadier-Legend Cup #88 EMEA

Last change: 10.02.2019 21:14

These are the rules for the Tanki Online 6on6 CTF Brigadier-Legend Cup #88 EMEA. We make every effort to ensure the rules are complete and up to date but this may not always be the case. You should also check the Info Page and News for additions, exceptions and modifications that may apply. The rules are a guideline and the decisions by admins may differ from them depending on the circumstances. If you have any questions about the rules, please write a support ticket.

1. General

1.1. Global rules

Please, make yourself familiar with the Global ESL rules which are applied to this tournament as well.

1.2. Player

A player needs to have a legit registered ESL account, and may not have more than one ESL account on our site. The player can only play for one team in a tournament, and has to join the team before the tournament starts. The player can only be allowed to play if there are no active barrages on the ESL account, and the player meets the tournament requirements.

1.3. Game Account / Tanki Online nickname

All players are responsible to make sure their current Tanki Online nickname is registered correctly in their ESL accounts. If the Game Account appears to be missing on the player’s profile, it may lead to punishment in accordance with the rules. ESL admins will however take further actions if the case is of Gameaccount sharing or fake account suspicion.

1.4. Team

A team can take part in the tournament if it meets all the requirements listed on the tournament page. Team should have 6 legit players and all of have to be registered in the Team Account before cup start. Every player needs to have an active Tanki Online Nickname gameaccount. Usage of ineligible players will result to punishment depending on the rules.

1.5. Sponsors / Partnerships

The ESL administration reserves the right to prohibit or remove teams with sponsors or partners that are solely or widely known for pornographic, drug use or other adult/mature themes and products from partaking in ESL Play events at any time.

1.6. Rank Specific Cups

Every cup have limited rank wide. Teams with players which didn't meet rank requirements can't participate in the tournament.

1.7. If you suspect your opponents are using invalid players

If you suspect that the opposing team is using invalid players, please create a match protest. Once the protest has been created, you have to provide all available evidence, the failure to provide any evidence may lead to a protest failure.

1.8. Language

English language is an official language of the tournament.

1.9. Failure to appear / No Show

Each player/team has 15 minutes to show up in the match. Showing up after 15 minutes result in a default loss. The team that is waiting must open a protest ticket or try to communicate with an ESL Admin via the ESL match chat in order to get a default win. This rule is only applied to the first match. Further matches should be started immediately as soon as both contestants are decided.

2. Settings

2.1. Cluster

All matches have to be played on the EU cluster.

2.2. Battle settings

Battle settings are given in quick rules. All matches should be created on the same way.

2.3. Screenshots

A screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of each match must be taken and uploaded to the match page. The screenshot must contain clear evidence of which team won the match. Manipulating of a screenshot will lead into punishments, if the content is showing wrong result or scores. Punishments will be given out according to the rules.

2.4. Missing Screenshots

A screenshot of the match result must be uploaded after a match. A missing screenshot can lead to a penalty points for each team/player and the match result decided by the admin team. Punishment is as following: (1) Warning, (2) 1 penalty point for each team / player An incomplete screenshot can lead to 1 penalty point or a warning for each team/player.

3. Match rules

3.1. Play Modes

The matches are played with the game mode as written in Quick Rules of the cup page.

3.1.1. Best of Two

Winner of the match is decided after winning 2 rounds. The highest seeded team cross out first in map vote. Additionally higher seed always starts on the blue side. In case of a score of 0:0 or 1:1, there will be additional round on map Cross.

3.2. Game Preparations

3.2.1. Technical issues

Players are responsible for their internet connection. Please resolve any problems that might occur before a match starts. Connection or Hardware Problems during a match may lead into a disqualification by ESL admins.

3.2.2. Communication

Agreements between the teams/players have to be posted as match comments. In case of battle chat agreements, always take a screenshot.

3.2.3. Match settings

Make sure the match is played with the right settings according to the cup infopage. Both opponents are responsible for checking correct match settings. If the game has started with the wrong settings it must be played until the end and result will be accepted. Protests about wrong settings will be declined after game start.

3.2.4. Players

Make sure all players are eligible to play. In team games, all players must be registered in their corresponding team. Usage of player not belonging to the team, may result in disqualification. Wrong players

You shouldn't start match if there is wrong player in opposite team. In case that you notice wrong player in opposite team you should inform them on the ESL chat and on in-game chat that specific players shouldn't play match and they need to replace him with someone else or play with 5 players only, then take a screenshot for evidence and open match protest. If the game has started with the wrong players it must be played until the end and result will be accepted. Protests about wrong players will be declined after game start.

3.2.5. Game host

Battle should be created by the player from the team with higher seed (on the left in the match page). Please make sure that rank wide allow all players to join.

3.3. Lineup

For every match it is required to enter a legit lineup, as they will all be visible on the match page during the game. Please always check whether any of the players have an outdated Tanki Online nickname, and tell him to update it as soon as possible. If your opponent does not fix game account issue you have to open a protest. If the game has started and played until the end with the wrong game accounts, result will be accepted. No protests regarding this matter will be accepted after match has been finished.

3.3.1. Number of players

  • Matches should be played as example in 6on6 with 6 players, if a side is missing a player the match can be played 5on6 or 5on5, but only if both teams agree to it.

3.4. Ringer / Faker

It is not allowed to have another person play from your account during an ESL match. In case of suspicion leading to proof of it, player and team will be punished according to the Penalty Points section, under the ruling Ringer / Faker. Punishment includes direct disqualification, and if match ended the win will be granted to the opponent Player / Team.

3.5. Spectators

Spectators are allowed if both teams agree. Exception to this rule are the ESL tournament admins and people that are explicitly allowed to spectate by a tournament admin (e.g. shout casters or streamers). It can't be refused to invite an official caster, if an ESL tournament admin asks you for an invite.

Teams should only allow spectators they trust. It is not allowed to protest after a match is played to complain about spectators that were allowed in the game.

3.5.1. Casting

  • Casting an ESL match is only allowed with an ESL admin agreement. To get an agreement please write a Support ticket.
  • ESL matches that are being casted by an official caster, can never be casted by other parties.

3.5.2. Personal streaming

  • Personal Streaming is not allowed without admin agreement if an official ESL caster is casting the match.
  • If the match isn’t being cast by ESL or any official caster, a player has the right to stream it, but always with at least 3 minute delay added to the settings.

4. Tournament process

4.1. Map choice

When tournament bracket is ready or when you and your opponent finish previous match you need to do map vote.

Team with a higher seed crossing out first map. Map elimination should be done through the match page.

4.1.1. Map voting process:

  • Team 1 cross out map
  • Team 2 cross out map
  • Team 1 cross out map
  • Team 2 cross out map
  • Team 1 cross out map
  • Team 2 cross out map
  • The remaining map is a map on which you will play the match.

4.2. Battle creation

When the map is chosen, the team that is higher in the bracket (crossed out first during map voting process) will need to create a battle on the chosen map and post the link to it in the ESL chat for the match. All battle settings can be found on the tournament info page.

4.2.1. Rank wide

Remember to expand rank wide as much as you can to allow all players from your and opposite team to join. In case when team have only players were higher rank is Brigadier and in the opposite team are players with Legend rank, battle should be created by opposite team.

4.2.2. Battle settings

Every battle have their specific settings which can be found in Quick Rules section of each cup. Before you create a battle please check if all the settings are correct. No protests regarding this matter will be accepted after the match has been finished.

4.3. Battle preparation

Matches on the chosen map will consist of 2 rounds.

Each round on the chosen map lasts for 12 minutes, 2 of which is dedicated to connecting and preparing for the battle. During preparation it is forbidden to destroy other players and to capture flags. When battle timer will show 10:12, all players must press on Delete button on keyboard and self-destruct.

On the first round on the chosen map blue team is always team which started crossing out map during map voting process.

4.4. Rounds counting

  • Round 1: Team A is playing on the blue side and Team B is playing on the red side.
  • Round 2: Team B is playing on the blue side and Team A is playing on the red side.
  • Round 3 (Tie-breaker): Team A is playing on the blue side and Team B is playing on the red side.

4.5. Battle results

At the end of each round both teams must take screenshots of the results with the final battle score.

4.5.1. Points counting

Case 1: Tie in the first round - (situation when both teams don't capture any flags or capture the same number of flags) - score is 0:0. Then second round can decide about the final score. When one team win the second round they win whole match with score 1:0.

Case 2: First round is won by team A - score is 1:0 - then in second round is a tie - score 1:0. The winner of whole match is team A.

Case 3: First round is won by team A - score is 1:0 - then in second round team B wins - score is 1:1. It's time to play tie-breaker.

Case 4: Tie in the first and second round - score is 0:0. It's time to play tie-breaker.

4.6. Tie-breaker

If after 2 rounds the winners are not determined, an additional “tie-breaker” round will be played on the Cross map. The rules for creating a tie-breaking battle are different from creating a regular battle and can be found on the tournament info page in Quick rules section. Map lasts for 12 minutes, 2 of which is dedicated to connecting and preparing for battle or when team capture 3 flags. During preparation it is forbidden to destroy other players and to capture flags. When battle timer will show 10:12, all players must press on Delete button on keyboard and self-destruct.

Blue team is team which started crossing out map during map voting process.

4.7. Prizes

When the tournament ends leaders of the TOP 3 teams should send the support ticket with nicknames of players who played the tournament and should receive crystals and their amounts. Please remember that at least 6 players have to receive prizes.

Example content of the ticket:

Team name: *Team A*

Player A: 60000
Player B: 50000

5. In Game Rules

5.1. Insults / Harassment

The players are obligated to maintain a professional behavior when playing a ESL match. In cases of insults and harassment of the opponent team, a support ticket can be send in order to punish the offender. No protests will be accepted regarding this matter.

  • Support ticket has to contain a clear screenshot of the insult and the offender’s ESL account or In game gameaccount
  • A match link for where it happened is a must in the ticket, to provide enough information to the Insult Squad, for them to build the case.

5.2. Regame rules

Teams can agree to regame, if fairplay can’t be achieved by continuing the match. A regame can also be suggested in case of an unbalanced match or to solve heavy technical issues.

5.3. Abortion of match

  • Any complaints of cheating of any sort will not change the result, except for a case with a ringer!
  • It is not allowed to abort the match when it’s in progress. Aborting team may be disqualified.

6. Illegal actions

Any player not following the rules of ESL, will be seen as conducting unsportsmanlike behavior, and will be punished according to our ruleset.

6.1. Deception

The attempt to deceive admins or other players with wrong or fake statements, information, media or data will not be tolerated, and will be punished according to the penalty points table.

6.2. Faking Country

A player’s country must be set to their country of residence. Deliberately faking the country of residence is punishable.

6.3. Faking Nationality

A player’s nationality must be set to their nationality that is proven by current passport. Deliberately faking nationality is punishable.

6.4. Fake Result

For every tournament Players and Teams shall not give wrong information regarding the match result, nor manually fill in a fake result. Faking the match result is punishable.

6.5. Fake Match Media

Players and Teams shall not upload fake match media, such as in game screenshots and other screenshots that can be used to fake an advantage towards the opponent team. Faking match media results in punishment according to Penalty section in this ruleset.

6.6. Fake Match

Players and Teams shall not create Fake Matches by using multi accounts or friends to lose on purpose. Every match is being checked, and in case of finding a fake match, the Player or Team will be punished. A Fake Match also includes starting up a game without opponent present in the game.

6.7. Cheating / 3rd party usage

All forms of cheating in ESL matches are forbidden and will be punished according to the Penalty Points section, the admin responsible holds the right to punish a player to full extent of the rules, if the cheating contains:

  • Usage of unauthorized offenses, such as in game bugs
  • Usage of scripts to provide an unsportsmanlike conducts (No Fairplay)
  • Players that are found cheating outside of the ESL, may be facing a barrage from playing any tournament on the ESL site, depending on the case and the available evidence. The Admin responsible for the case, has the final decision.

7. Penalty points

In general a player is innocent unless proven guilty, but in case of clear violation against the ruleset provided, it will lead into punishment. A team can receive up to 6 penalty points per match, unless a single violation has a higher punishment, but a team will only receive punishment once per violation, regardless of the amount of players to violate the ruleset. There are different clearance periods depending on the amount of points:

  • 1-2 penalty points: 2 months
  • 3-6 penalty points: 3 months
  • 7 penalty points: 6 months
  • 12 penalty points: 2 years

In addition to penalty points, players and teams will be barraged when obtained a certain amount of penalty points has been obtained by stacking up:

  • After obtaining 4 penalty points: 1 week barrage
  • After obtaining 8 penalty points: 2 weeks barrage
  • After obtaining 10 penalty points: 1 month barrage
Rule violation Amount of Penalty Points
Unregistered player Player: 3 | Team: 3
Inactive Barrage Player: 3 | Team: 3
Barraged Player Player: 6 | Team: 6
Missing Game Account Player: 2 | Team: 2
Game Account Sharing Player: 2-4 | Team: 2-4
Multiple / Fake Account (1) Warning | (2) Player: 1-3
Manipulation of Media Player: 3 | Team: 3
Match Rules
Missing Premium Player: 3 | Team: 3
Missing Trusted Player: 3 | Team: 3
Failure to appear / No show Player: 3 | Team: 3
Ringer / Faker Player: 6 | Team: 6
Personal Streaming without delay (1) Warning | (2) Player: 1-3
In Game Rules
Insults / Harassment Punishment IGL Squad
Pause Abuse (1) Warning | (2) Player: 1-3
Abort Match Player: 4 | Team: 4
Illegal actions
Deception Player: 2-4 | Team: 2-4
Faking Country / Nationality (1) Warning | (2) Player: 1-3
Fake Result Player: 4 | Team: 4
Fake Match Media Player: 6 | Team: 6
Fake Match Player: 6 | Team: 6
Cheating (3rd party) Player: 12 | Team: 6