Swiss Cup FAQ

Swiss is a cup system. You won't get kicked out of a Swiss cup after your first loss, you will stay in the cup until a certain loss-threshold has been reached or the cup has finished. Every cup has a fixed amount of rounds which depend on the amount of contestants. In every round you will be matched against opponents of your skill group. A ranking will be shown at the end of the cup based on the points of every contestant's performance.

Important facts

  • Odd amount of teams is supported.
  • The amount of contestants defines the amount of rounds.
  • Only one default win per round if the amount of contestants is odd.
  • Contestants will be matched against each other based on their win / loss ratio.
  • Not only the win / loss ratio counts, there are also Tiebreaker Points.
  • If you face stronger opponents you will get more Tiebreaker Points and will get a better position in the overall ranking in case of a tie.
  • At the end of the cup there is an overall ranking which shows everyone's performance.

How does it work?

  • Look for your game in the menu, choose a platform or region and select a cup with "Swiss" in its name.
  • Follow the instructions in the cup widget on the right side of our page.
  • As soon as you've signed up you have to check-in right before the cup starts to confirm your participation.
  • After cup start you'll see your first match in the widget on the right side.
  • Contact your opponent via the match comments or the matchchat. Then just play your match as of the rules of the cup.
  • If an error occurs, please open a protest ticket to contact our admin staff.
  • After the match please enter / accept the results on the match page (in a team competition please also post your lineup).
  • Every match of a round has to be closed before the next round can be started.
  • Please have an eye on the cup page to see when the next round is about to start and be ready on time.
  • This procedure repeats until the last round of the cup has been played, or until you've reached your loss-threshold.
  • Check the rankings at the end to see how you finished.

For more details about Swiss click here!