Super Smash Bros. Ultimate FAQ

Do you have a question that isn't answered in this FAQ? Open a support ticket on the cup page (under the Support tab - it is important you use this tab)!

General information

How to add a gameaccount
  1. Navigate to the tournament you want to sign up for
  2. Click "Register" to register your game ID
  3. Follow the instructions to link your gameaccount

How to play a match in a cup
  1. Sign up & Check in
    First you have to sign up for the cup. 30 minutes before the cup starts you have to confirm your participation by checking in.

  2. Tournament tree
    A few minutes after the cup starts, you can see check the tournament tree by clicking on Bracket. (In a SWISS cup click Ranking) You can follow your list of matches on the right, under Play.

  3. Matchchat
    To communicate with your opponents you can use the Matchchat. You find the matchchat by clicking “Matches”

  4. Create a server
    The team with the higher seed (lower number in the bracket) has to create the Battle Arena. Now add one of the opponent players to your friendlist. Start your game. Create a Battle Arena following the instructions laid out in the quickrules on the cup page. After creating the Battle Arena you invite your opponent.
    Play your match and take a screenshot of the result.

  5. Enter the result
    After the match has finished, close your game and enter the result by clicking on “Match setup” at the Matchsheet.

  6. Protest
    If there is a problem in your match you can open a protest and an admin will help you. To open a protest click on “Match setup” at the Matchsheet and now on “Open Protest”. Please write your problem clearly and upload evidence so our admin team can help you as fast as possible.