Ismoo vs. DrLuer
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Status: closed
MatchID 35831256
Date Sunday, 25 March 15:00
Calculated Sunday, 25 March 15:22
best_of 3
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0 : 2
DrLuer wins !
25/03/18 15:17
Round 1
3.1 MB, 25/03/18 15:17, by DrLuer
25/03/18 15:18
Round 1 - - DrLuer : Ismoo
3.1 MB, 25/03/18 15:18, by DrLuer
25/03/18 15:18
Round 2 - - DrLuer : ismoo
3.1 MB, 25/03/18 15:18, by DrLuer

25/03/18 09:00

Greetings Summoners!

We remind you the most important steps during the competition:

1º Contact your opponent: Communicate with your opponent through the chat (ESL Web or APP Mobile) to set up the match.

2º Let's Fight! The highest seed has to create the room.

Name: Your Summoners War Nickname
Contest Rules: Normal Battle
Password: Set the room to "Private". Choose a 4-digit password and share it with your opponent

3º Enter both players the results: When you finish the game, you must upload the result in your match page going to the option: "Upload match media (screenshots, demos)" (Wrong result could disqualify you from the tournament)

What if my opponent doesn't show up? If you wait 15 minutes at the beginning of the round and your opponent does not show up, connect or talk in the chat/game, you have to upload a screenshot where you can clearly read that you have tried to communicate with your opponent. To upload this capture you must go the option: "Upload match media (screenshots, demos)"
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