Quick Rules

  • Game Parameters:
    • Accessibility: Private
    • Game Mode: Conquest Mode
    • Size: 1 VS 1
    • Opposition: Allies vs Axis
    • Starting resources: 500 PTS
    • Income rate: Medium
    • Conquest Points: 2500PTS
    • Time Limit: 40mins
  • Factions:
    • The highest seeded player picks the faction with which he will play. Seeds are randomly assigned during the tournament setup
    • The Battlegroups can be changed and edited between series
    • Battlegroups allowed: All Battlegroups are allowed
  • Maps:
    • For Best of Three series (Bo3): The lowest seeded player picks the first map. The following maps are loser's pick
    • For Best of One series (Bo1): The lowest seeded player picks the first map.
  • Format: Single Elimination
    • Rounds 4 and previous: Best of One (Bo1)
    • Finals and 3rd/4th place match: Best of Three (Bo3)
  • Hosting: The highest seeded player hosts the games
Match Result
  • Both players are obliged to confirm the correct result of the game at the end of the match and attach screenshots and replays confirming the result.
  • Screenshots:
    • The players have to always take screenshots of anything that happened during a match. These include victories, bugs, disconnects etc.
    • The Cup Referee takes a decision on what happens if there are not screenshots taken!


PlacePremiumSpecial Award
cup_1st.gif 1st place section-premium_small.gif ESL Premium 90 days*
Exclusive Steel Division: Normandy 1944 Mousepad
Opening Cup Winner Award**
cup_2nd.png 2nd place section-premium_small.gif ESL Premium 60 days*Opening Cup Winner Award**
cup_3rd.png 3rd place section-premium_small.gif ESL Premium 30 days*Opening Cup Winner Award**

*If at least 8 contestants
**If at least 16 contestants

In order to get your prize you must write a support ticket with tournament brackets link and your contacts.


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Is this your first time? Here are the important steps:

  • Follow the instructions on the right to sign up
  • If check in is enabled, make sure to check in on time
  • Wait for your first match to show up on the right
  • Get in contact with your opponent and play the match
  • Enter the result and ask your opponent to confirm
  • Wait for your next match

Still need help? During the cup, use Discord chat if it is available, otherwise please contact support.

Match related issues must be handled via match protest.