Staff Global  .Quake Champions  id:  11578580
Name Permission Member since Gameaccounts
Leader 693 days
PUBG Mobile Nickname: Mortenzki  (16.06.19)
Name Permission Member since Gameaccounts
Fighter 692 days
Arena of Valor Nickname (Europe): BlakeCCA  (15.09.17)
Arena of Valor Nickname (South America): Blake  (20.12.17) BattleTag (Global): Blake#21112  (08.12.18)
Battlerite (Nickname): BlakeCCA  (23.02.18)
LoL Summoner Name (Latin America North): ESL Blake  (26.11.18)
LoL Summoner Name (Latin America South): ESL Blake  (27.11.18)
PokerTH Nickname: Blake  (21.10.17)
PSN Online ID: Blake_ESL  (26.12.18)
Fighter 350 days BattleTag (Global): cvantum#2538  (10.12.18)
EA ID (PC): cvantm  (11.02.19)
EpicID: 3d08c34708df43b18707f427c1476e8f  (17.08.18)
Quake Champions: cvantum  (12.06.17)
Steam Account: cvantum  (11.02.19)
ESL Staff
Fighter 693 days
Clash Royale Nickname: Gabrielel#LJOYUVCQ  (03.03.17)
Clash Royale Account: #LJ0YUVCQ  (12.04.19)
LoL Summoner Name (EU-West): LikeAngels  (26.08.17)
PokerTH Nickname: Gabrielel  (28.10.17)
PSN Online ID: gabrielelabrocca  (09.03.19)
Fighter 682 days

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