Results: WCS 2015 Season 3 Finals
Team Milenium’s Lilbow is the WCS 2015 Season 3 Champion. The French Protoss proved that his runner-up finish at last season’s WCS Finals was no fluke. With a few more months of practice, experience and determination, he came to Krakow with his sights set on winning it all. After Season 2, anything less than a championship would constitute failure. Lilbow’s victory secured him into a practically-guaranteed spot at Blizzcon, as well as the distinction to be the first non-Korean player to win a WCS Championship since Heart of the Swarm was released.

Ever since David "Lilbow" Moschett came into the professional StarCraft2 scene in late 2013, people talked about the skill of the up and coming Protoss prodigy. He made WCS EU Premier League in the first season of WCS 2014, were he impressed by knocking out ForGG , despite being knocked out in the first group stage. Since then he consistently made WCS Challenger, took place in four Dreamhacks, two HomeStory Cups and competed at Gamescon 2015. With time, everyone began to see the latent talent Lilbow possessed, he just needed some results to go along with it.

For many he achieved the best success any foreign player could hope for last season when he finished second in WCS 2015 Season 2, the best WCS result by a foreign player since Stephano won in 2013. Obviously the comparisons between the two French players have been present since Lilbow broke onto the scene: “Is Lilbow the next Staphano?” Lilbow’s answer was always no, he wouldn’t be the next Stephano, he’d just be the next Lilbow. With his victory on Sunday, September 13th 2015, he will have finally emerged from the retired French Zerg’s shadow.

Lilbow won his WCS Championship against the best Europe and Korea had to offer. He beat out Jaedong and ForGG to advance past the Round-of-Sixteen. His matchup in the Quarterfinals was a rematch of the WCS Season 2 Finals, but this time it was Hydra who was eliminated. From there Lilbow looked unstoppable as he toppled Zanster and faced his biggest fears in a PvP finals against hometown favourite MaNa . Back to back final results should cement his stature as the best foreign Protoss of 2015. And if Lilbow has his way, a victory at Blizzcon could change that status to best Protoss of 2015.

Lilbow is the first and only foreign player to win a WCS in HotS, and only the second major tournament victory by a non-Korean player besides Sen’s victory at the 2014 Taiwan ESports League. Many could be forgiven for believing that SC2 would pass from Heart of the Swarm to Legacy of the Void without another foreign champion, let alone a foreign WCS champion. The power of the Baguette changed all that.

Lilbow will, most likely, qualify for Blizzcon this year with his 3625 WCS Points, which would make him the first non-Korean player to qualify since NaNiwa narrowly made the cut in 2013. Lilbow’s competition will be fierce, and many might disregard him out of hand. But this is what many, including Hydra and Polt , thought about him going into this season’s finals. Being the underestimated underdog is par for the course for Lilbow, and this status may allow him to catch some of his Korean opponents off guard.

Regardless of how he performs at Blizzcon, Lilbow has already surpassed his moniker of being the “Foreign Hope”. David Moschett is the Foreign WCS Champion of Heart of the Swarm, and who can say how many more titles he’s going to walk away with before he’s done?

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