WCS 2015 Season 1 Groups to be redrawn
Due to an error made in the initial draw this past Sunday, we'll be redrawing the WCS 2015 Season 1 Groups.
The groups were drawn in four pools: North America, China/Taiwan/Eastern Europe, Europe 1, and finally Europe 2/SEA/South America. One player from each pool was then drawn to fill out each group of four players.

Unfortunately, a player (NaNiwa) was initially placed in the wrong pool, and so was not eligible to be drawn into the first group. As such, we feel it is only fair to do a complete redraw of all groups to ensure competitive integrity.

In addition, WCS rules for 2015 limit the maximum amount of players from the same region in each group to two. Because the original draw had three European region players in one group, we feel it best to do a redraw to keep the groups in line with WCS 2015 standards.

This redraw will happen tonight (Tuesday, January 27th) at 23:00 CET/2pm PST and will be broadcast live on the WCS Twitch channel.

Group Selection Method for Season 1

In the Premier League Round of 32, the eight groups of four players are selected in the order below:
  1. Players will be split into four pools for Season 1:
    1. Pool 1 - all USA and Canada region players
    2. Pool 2 - 8 random Europe region players
    3. Pool 3 - 4 random Europe region players, 2 Oceania/SEA players, 2 Latin America players
    4. Pool 4 - 4 China region players, 2 Taiwan region players, 2 spots reserved for Europe region players with difficulty obtaining US Visas
      1. All China region players will play Ro32 groups in US
  2. There can be no more than 2 Europe region players per group. This will be accomplished via this draw method:
    1. Randomly draw players from Pools 1-3 into Groups 1-8
    2. For Pool 4, when a Europe player is drawn, place that player in the lowest numerical group with only one Europe region player. If no such group exists, redraw all of Pool 4. Repeat until a successful draw is complete
  3. Starting matchups will be determined randomly for each dual-tournament group
  4. Group letters will be determined once the group schedule is set

We apologize profusely for the confusion caused by the original group draw and look forward to what will be an incredible Season 1 of WCS Premier League.
Shawn, Tuesday, 27/01/15 14:53
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"Pool 3 - 2 random Europe region players, 2 Oceania/SEA players, 2 Latin America players"

should probably be 4 random Europe region players
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