New feature: Result from replay
Several weeks ago Blizzard released the official s2protocol library that makes it possibly to reliably read data from StarCraft 2 replays. Building on that functionality has made it possible for us to release a new feature to make playing StarCraft 2 on the ESL easier: Result from replays!
For a long time is has been an unfortunate necessity that playing in cups especially, it is frustrating having to wait for your opponent to accept the result, or to have to upload a play and have an admin accept the result.

Today that changes with our newest feature, specially made for StarCraft 2: Result from replays!

Now after a match you can simply upload a replay using the big blue button on the match page, and if the replay is valid, the result will be instantly entered and accepted, and you can go on to playing your next match.

Thanks to Blizzard, StarCraft 2 on the ESL now joins several other games on the ESL that feature a technical "game integration" to playing on the ESL easier.

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TheRogue, Monday, 19/08/13 10:39
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exists for 2 years already and done by other tournament hosters
Zeth wrote:
exists for 2 years already and done by other tournament hosters
Yup, of course small sites have the fortunate position to be able to spend more of their time on things like this themselves - we are only doing it because Blizzard have made it possible with an official library that is updated before the release of a patch, so that we do not have to spend repeated resources every time there is a change

Likewise, small sites are not supporting 100 games, or live events with 10,000 visitors, etc :)
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When will this be done for Crossfire ?
del_Rayden wrote:
When will this be done for Crossfire ?

Have the CrossFire developers created an API/SDK for reading replays? or via ingame matchmaking like for LoL?
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