Cover ESL StarCraft tournaments

In general anyone is welcome to cover most ESL StarCraft tournaments, you just need to stream on Twitch and register in advance.

If you would like to register, check the rules below then contact us with your Nick#Code, link to your Twitch stream, the language you cast in, your Skype and the links to your website, Facebook and Twitter (if you have them).

To check if someone is a registered or banned streamer, check the registered streamers list.

Streaming Rules

  1. The streams on the registered streamers list (linked right) are trusted to stream ESL StarCraft matches.
  2. In general cups
    • Several streams in the most popular languages (English, French, German, Polish, Russian) may be "Featured"
    • Up to two streams per language can stream a match (except featured streams may always stream)
    • Featured streamers have priority over other partner streamers, partner streamers have priority over other registered streamers
  3. Registered streamers may cast all matches (players cannot choose to deny them)
  4. Streamers must stream on Twitch.TV
  5. Streamers must use a delay of at least 90 seconds
  6. Streamers should stream in windowed mode to prevent alt+tab lag
  7. Streamers that interrupt the game (chat, lag etc) should be asked to leave. If they refuse, they may lose their streaming rights
  8. Streamers should listed themselves on TeamLiquid
  9. Unregistered streamers or observers are allowed if both sides agree, at their own risk!
  10. Complaints about streamers should be made by support ticket, including links to the match and replays (uploaded to the match page), and VoD if possible