Time to say goodbye to our SpeedRunner section!
We are sorry to announce that the SpeedRunners section has come to an end. Sadly in the last few months the activity in our Community Cups, as well in our 1on1 Ladder has decreased, and does not meet our expectations anymore. We had a great time with many cups and we hope that all of you enjoyed participating in those. To take farewell of our SpeedRunners section, we will host one last "Goodbye Cup" on August the 28th and we hope to see you there for one more time!

Ranking of our last Community Cup

The full bracket can be found here.

Cup StartCup NameSign Up
Aug 28th - 20:00 CEST SpeedRunners Goodbye Cup Sign Up

We hope that all players had fun competing in our SpeedRunners competitions and we wish all of you a good time!

Detroy, Thursday, 25/08/16 07:13
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Wait so there will be no more ESL tournaments?
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