Teamfight Tactics Opening Cup Winners
The first Teamfight Tactics cup for Southeast Europe is done and we want to announce the winners. Congratulations to the winning players!

Cup 2019

Prizes for the Winners

Top 3 players will receiveOpening Cup Award.

Certainly in addition, the top three will receive ESL Premium as following:

3 months Premium + Opening Cup Award for 1st place
2 months Premium for 2nd place + Opening Cup Award for 2nd place
1 month Premium for 3rd place + Opening Cup Award for 3rd place

Premium prizes can be requested via support ticket.

Social Media

Follow our local social media channels to get all the latest updates! Don't be shy and be social! We wish you good luck & have fun on the first ever Southeast European Teamfight Tactics tournament!

SonicV, Friday, 02/08/19 06:32
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