SMT'Sper0w vs. RhymZ
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Status: closed
MatchID 32212387
Date Monday, 28 December 20:30
Calculated Monday, 28 December 21:18
Round Round of 32
map Christmas Farm
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Result Media
4 : 10
RhymZ wins !
Monday, 28 December 21:09
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6.4 MB, Monday, 28 December 21:09, by RhymZ
* No longer available
28/12/15 15:17
1on1 vs RhymZ
der typ behaubtet das er 10:4 win hat obwohl es umgekehrt ist
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Shut your mouth kid, entering wrong result, insulting me ingame, no moss, no wire, and delaying the cup, gtfo mongol.
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