RhymZ vs. 9013356
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Status: closed
MatchID 32160715
Date Friday, 18 December 21:30
Calculated Friday, 18 December 22:56
Round Round of 16
map Christmas Farm
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Result Media
4 : 10
9013356 wins !
Friday, 18 December 22:56
uploaded with ESL Wire ScreenShot00013.jpg*
75 kB, Friday, 18 December 22:56, by 9013356
Friday, 18 December 22:58
uploaded with ESL Wire 2015-12-18_214345.zip*
5.0 MB, Friday, 18 December 22:58, by RhymZ
* No longer available
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comments (6)
?? protest i thinkbecause explorer hasn't got MOSS on Match before
why is no1 using moss? not gonna protest, hf
idk aha but it s not allowed :p
btw nice playstyle explorer, sneaking in a snowball cup is really professional :P and uploading a screenshot is not the moss file, just to let u know :)
I didn't know about MOSS bcs im beginner for tournaments. Keep your tears for next time okay?
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