Lions-Bite vs. OPACGaming
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Status: closed
MatchID 33365243
Date Sunday, 07/02/16 10:00
Calculated 07/02/16 12:24
Map 1 Power Station
best_of 1
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1 : 0
Lions-Bite wins ! (Default Win)
07/02/16 11:50
uploaded with ESL Wire
11.7 MB, 07/02/16 11:50, by pyro (e.V)
07/02/16 11:44
uploaded with ESL Wire
9.5 MB, 07/02/16 11:44, by waSCHmaschine- (e.V)
07/02/16 12:04
uploaded with ESL Wire
9.9 MB, 07/02/16 12:04, by Adreyes (OGaming)
07/02/16 11:50
uploaded with ESL Wire
28.7 MB, 07/02/16 11:50, by 9834903 (OGaming)
07/02/16 11:45
uploaded with ESL Wire
12.8 MB, 07/02/16 11:45, by nNck (e.V)
07/02/16 11:45
uploaded with ESL Wire
3.6 MB, 07/02/16 11:45, by 9353999 (e.V)
07/02/16 11:48
uploaded with ESL Wire
15.1 MB, 07/02/16 11:48, by Empty (e.V)
07/02/16 11:54
uploaded with ESL Wire
16.7 MB, 07/02/16 11:54, by Banuu (OGaming)
07/02/16 11:59
uploaded with ESL Wire
1.5 MB, 07/02/16 11:59, by 9841824 (OGaming)
07/02/16 12:13
uploaded with ESL Wire
15.0 MB, 07/02/16 12:13, by 9774737 (OGaming)
07/02/16 13:18
zer - faked MOSS file
58 kB, 07/02/16 13:18, by Zerou (e.V)
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comments (44)
ga : nNck
GA : MCp'KarraGan
GG wp .
better you play without new accs lmao
Can you put the fuckin result?
Team lion bite rage sorry ex
look the moss from zer hahahahahahahaha
LionBites accept the result and done we want to start -.-
i dont give cheater the win sry :)
Then do faster a protest xD
kk just you rage .
How long does it take to finish the game?
Its been 2 hours right now!!!!
Team lion mad loose 12.11
Any Admin accept Your protest ticket?
delay of doom
KarraGan wrote:
Team lion mad loose 12.11

for what mad? the player zer play without moss and he fake moss after game nice good guys

3.2.4. Faking MOSS files
An archive created by MOSS can't be faked without consequences and without track. A faked MOSS archive (removed/modified screens, removed/modified log etc) will lead the user to 6 Penalty Points added to his account and 6 Penalty Points added to his team in case of team match.
fucking admin
sit fakers
there we go
thx for waiting all
Then they will get a warn and penalty Points but they don´t disqualificated
no protest admin two blackscreen
whats now laddies? It wasn't about blackscreens - they faked Moss.
That justice of admin.
warn for what? he play without moss and he fake moss so is real
admin germ normaly
DTV is fucking noob admin --'
nice admin germ fck bot admin
what noob admin? u play without fking moss u have no brain or what? learn esl ruels and he fake moss after
shut up fck noob , go suck you germ friend admin fck bot
KarraGan wrote:
shut up fck noob , go suck you germ friend admin fck bot

create more esl acc like zer and viixy and now shutt up
haha french noobs mad :'D
admin carry loosers! nice noobs
guys what is wrong? without moss and fake moss is normal default win
ownz wrote:
haha french noobs mad :'D
man what fake moss ? fking noob 2 man with black screen, juste bad players wants to win by all means, go sucks admins.
germ décision noob country :D
NeveRR hacks bought? o7
delete acount real france
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